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Ashburn VA US [X]

Ghost Soldier (2006)

  -   Short | Drama | War

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When JAMES and EMMA were 10, they buried a time capsule in his backyard before she moved away to commemorate their friendship and swore to dig it up in ten years. A decade later and James, now an American soldier in Iraq, has become a prisoner of war in Fallujah. More than anything, he wants to escape in order to see Emma again and to fulfill their promise. It's all he has left to look forward to. Captured alongside James is another American soldier, MISHA, who is also a young mother. In order to escape his state of confinement and to sustain hope, James retreats intermittently to his memories of a young Emma and his mother and only family, who died not so long ago. Meanwhile, Emma reads a letter that James wrote to her shortly before his imprisonment, reaffirming his promise to meet her. But it's uncertain whether she sees their promise and him the same way he does her. It's been ten years since they've seen each other and she shares her life with someone else now. When Misha is taken away by two Iraqi soldiers and returns unable to speak, James decides that he's the one to save her. As James stages his and Misha's escape, air strikes and gunfire from outside the walls throw the prison into a state of panic. James and Misha fight desperately to save their lives, Misha to return to her son, James to find his way back to Emma.
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