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Wayne's World (2007)

Comedy | Drama

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The boiler in the building is on the fritz which is causing a heatwave throughout the complex. The heat is also turning up on Wayne's lies. He can no longer tell if what's coming out of his mouth is the truth or a lie. It isn't until Dawn, his wife, serves him divorce papers that Wayne thinks perhaps he should stop his lying. Dawn left Wayne because of his lies, and has been working in the oil patch in Fort McMurray. Her company is sending her all expenses paid to Saudi Arabia to work and she feels this as good a time as any to break ties with Wayne. Wayne still loves Dawn and decides to go to a Liars Anonymous meeting in hopes of winning Dawn back. Initially, he lies while at the meeting, but finally turns his whole life into one big truth, which he ends up doing more for himself than to win Dawn back. Despite a few bumps in the road, including the death of his plants since they thrived on the joyousness of his lies and a beating by a Colin James wannabe, Wayne does win Dawn back with his transformation, although she too admits the truth that she really is scared about the move to Saudi Arabia. However, Hal convinces Wayne that Dawn really needs to get on with her life in Saudi Arabia without him. She ultimately comes to the realization that she no longer loves Wayne but was only staying because she was scared. Meanwhile, Bobby continues his affair with Sasha, which is witnessed by Yuri and Hal's skunk, with which Bobby has a close encounter of the bad kind.
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