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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #1.3 (2006)

Comedy | Crime | Drama

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Mayo and the team investigate the apparent murder of Philip Barker who is found in a nice residential neighborhood face down in the back garden of a posh house owned by nouveau riche Dermot and Laurie Voss. The dead man had been away and his wife thought he was still there. She has no idea what he might have been doing in the neighborhood where he was found but does admit that he was something of a philanderer. The post-mortem reveals that he had actually drowned in a puddled in the garden rather than from the blow to the head. It turns out that one of the neighbors, Faith Loxley, also has a connection to Croatia. When a second body is found, this time in the graveyard, it points to Faith's sister, Hope Hendrick. It also seems that Dermot Voss had a business relationship with him. It turns out that lust and jealousy is at the root of the crimes. Alex meanwhile decides to have a house warming but party but isn't sure if she should invite her boss - and former boyfriend - DI Mayo or whether he would come if he did get an invite.
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