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Ashburn VA US [X]

Playing the Pipers (1913)

Short | Comedy | Drama

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Alexander McNab and Robert McDonald get into an argument as to which of them is the better player of the pipes. They become very bitter and forbid their respective children, James and Mary, who have been sweethearts from childhood, to speak to one another again. James manages to arrange a tournament between the two men. He tells McDonald that he will give him a hundred dollars if he can beat his father providing that McDonald will agree to his marriage with Mary if he is himself beaten. The tournament is played off in a room over an automobile garage, where James had spent some time previously making arrangements. A tube from the air compressor, used for inflating tires, is led up into his chamber and attached to McNab's bagpipes. Poor McDonald courts apoplexy in his endeavor to compete with McNab's artificial wind and cannot understand his rival's superhuman lung power. During the contest James remains below regulating the pressure of the air compressor. Suddenly a boy runs in to say that McDonald's house is on fire and James at once rushes off to help, leaving the air compressor to look after itself. A moment or two after he has gone, a chauffeur enters to blow up his tire. He speeds the pressure up to 50 pounds, with the result that McNab's bag bursts and the plot is exposed. Serious trouble is averted by the announcement in the hall above of the fire in McDonald's house. He rushes off to see what he can do, but finds that James has been working vigorously and that he has been able to save much of his property. In gratitude for what he has done, McDonald withdraws his objections to James' marriage with Mary and holds out his hand to his old friend McNab.
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