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Ashburn VA US [X]

Pride and Prejudice (2000)

  -   Drama

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Straight-laced Ron Taylor is feeling under-appreciated at work, despite his dedication and commitment. He hates his job in part because of the treatment he receives. But his hard work, and that of his wife Tammy, resulted in their daughter, Caitlin, being neglected as she was growing up. Seventeen year old Caitlin, who developed late as a child, is now pregnant, dating a loser named Meat and speaks with a stutter. Ron in part blames Tammy for Caitlin's poor upbringing, as Ron wanted Tammy to be a stay at home mom. But in death, Ron solely wishes that he could have given Caitlin a happier life. Judge Othniel gives Ron a second chance to at least try and carry out his wish. To when Caitlin was five and still not yet speaking, Othniel sends Ron back as Handy Randy, a grungy handyman. As Randy, Ron believes he can achieve his wish by convincing Tammy and his younger self to spend less resulting in Tammy not needing to work. As Randy spends time with Caitlin and sees Tammy at work, he comes to a different conclusion about what is best for Caitlin and the entire family.
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