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The Missus Dubois Turn Out the Lights (2005)

Comedy | Drama

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Pauline and Bea Dubois, the elderly sister owners of the building, are disagreeing on how the building should be run. Pauline prefers to make do with Yuri's talents to fix whatever problem, whereas Bea thinks that many things are falling apart and should just be replaced as goodwill toward the tenants. Because of their differences and long term competition with each other, they needle each other in small ways just to get under each other's skin. The eldest Pauline is the more forceful one, whereas Bea will do things on the sly. One thing that Bea has being doing on the sly is getting her affairs in order: she's dying. When Pauline finds out, she's upset not because Bea didn't tell her or not because she's sad for her sister's condition but because Bea once again is doing something first in life. Pauline decides to manufacture mock ways of killing herself first. Bea doesn't appreciate this as Pauline has always tried to steal the limelight. When Bea confronts Pauline that her illness is indeed a fact, the Missus Dubois collectively decide to turn out the lights. Meanwhile, Yuri stumbles across Bushy-Bush. Not knowing he's Alicia's pet, Yuri decides to keep the hamster for himself.
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