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Shoot to Kill (1998)

Certificate TV-14 Crime | Drama | Thriller | Mystery

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Ohio's cities are being terrorized by a seemingly random sniper. On the scene, Sam, Bailey and the rest of the team are perplexed by the sniper's ability to shoot from increasingly long distances. This ability reminds Bailey of an elite task force he encountered while serving in Vietnam. Bailey obtains from Casper, his secret intelligence source, the names of the task force members. Sam uses clues left at the crime scenes to put together a profile that suggests the sniper is trying to create his own mythology, much like the Archer in Greek literature. Meanwhile, John and Bailey look into Lou Handleman who has tried to discredit John by using Frances. But when they attempt to arrest him, Handleman resists and accidentally shoots himself. Also, Jack travels to Aurora, Illinois to find the runaway Sharon in her home town to bring her back, or kill her.
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