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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Brain Game (2001)

Comedy | Drama

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After being humiliated when she tries out for "Pop Tarts" Mary Cherry decides to assemble a team to compete on a local cable academic-challenge program in hopes that she'll be discovered for her looks and "personality". Cherry Cherry has to attend Kennedy High after her low SAT score comes back to haunt her. She wants in on her daughter's team when Josh also tries out for it. Josh turns to Harrison to help him get onto Mary Cherry's team to prove he isn't just another dumb jock. Harrison discovers that Josh has an uncanny knowledge of chicken that gets him on Mary Cherry's team. Carmen decides to ditch studying for the SAT's in favor of Salsa lessons, which she isn't very good at but falls in love with her instructor Pablo, who can't speak much English. Lily becomes afraid Josh will make a fool of himself on "The Big Head Challenge", hosted by Ed McMahhn, deciding not to go. Cherry Cherry assembles her own team, consisting of the same three judges that ridiculed her daughter and herself and a man that looks like Steven Hawking the world's smartest man. After seeing Pablo dancing with another woman she becomes jealous and unable to concentrate quitting her dance lessons. Cherry Cherry's team takes an early lead in the game, having Sam and Brooke to pick up the slack in a series of questions about WB shows and about Brooke herself. It's all left up to Josh to win the game, Josh struggles with continuing on with the game, luckily Harrison convinces the others to keep Josh on the team, and Sam tells him to do it for himself and not for Lily, who is watching at Brooke and Sam's home. For a guy who knows a lot about chicken its up to Harrison to let him know that Poultry is Chicken, picking the category and wining the game. Carmen thinks she's made a fool of herself with Pablo, who shows up at her school with his first English phrase asking her out for a coffee or juice. Lily realizes that with the SAT's she got all caught up in them that she forgot what it is that she love's so much about Josh making up with him in the end and apologizing for not supporting him more.
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