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Ashburn VA US [X]

Shark (2005)

Drama | Romance

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Chris's shark watching client Reyn Spillman panics enough to rise too fast, needing hospitalization for caisson, and Chris's assistant messes up the head-count: Greg Lasser is left in the water. After Lasser gets the luxury treatment free from Alexandra, desperate to escape a $10,000,000 damage claim which would wreck her trial period from dad, Chris finds out Spillman is in league with Lassner and... Even Tommy's gourmet breakfast doesn't get him a kiss from Nicole, who is ordered by half-sister Alexandra to make Tommy adapt his menu after a poor rating from a syndicated food critic whose wife he once did, but he calls her firing bluff, also the way round her policy not to have sex with co-workers... Tessa grueled Frankie Seau's bossy mother's family feast includes a roast pig, but it gets worse: she's recognized by Frankie's cousin Marvin, whom she once seduced and robbed... On Alexandra's orders Gabe is to be 'sold' to a reporter as cool surf icon G-Mac by image consultant Amanda; Frankie is livid Gabe thus fails to surf with his kid cousins... After his real dad tips Jason off the police is about to bust Vincent for drug dealing, Jason takes risks to save his mentor and gets arrested.
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