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Ashburn VA US [X]

It's the Bomb (1996)

  -   Comedy

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A rumor that the local football team is moving to Los Angeles has Eddie upset. But not as much as Tom, another obsessed fan who threatening to bomb the stadium during a Chiefs game. And when the police pursuit of the mad bomber leads to the bar, Malcolm and Eddie find themselves and their patrons being held hostage. Meanwhile, Malcolm's chance to use television coverage of the bomber to advertise the bar's new name is jeopardized when the signs he ordered arrive misspelled. With the police stationed outside, Nicolette is determined to save Eddie. So, as Bridget works to get an exclusive for her TV station, Nicolette sneaks into the bar's air vent in order to make her way inside. Although Malcolm is worried, Eddie and Tom find common ground in their mutual love for the Chiefs. And when Bridget arrives with her crew, the viewers see them relaxing over beers and cigars while enjoying the game on TV. Once Tom claims they are partners in his protest, Malcolm joins with Eddie in publicizing his demands, only to find that the police are in no mood to negotiate. Yet, once the team denies any rumors about the move, Tom declares victory and then accidentally triggers the bomb's timing device before trying to slip out unnoticed. However, Tom fails to fool the police and is arrested as Malcolm and Eddie rush outside with the bomb just in time to keep their place from blowing up. Finally, with the bar packed with customers following the drama, Nicolette appears from the ceiling and takes Eddie hostage once again.
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