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My Boyfriend's Back! (1995)

  -   Comedy | Romance

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Paul is shooting a new movie about Pete, the last milkman in New York and neither he or Jamie can't seem to find time in their busy schedules, but they manage to plan on being together for pizza on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Jamie and Fran have a new account, Ralphy's Diner and they're working on his new ad campaign. Ralphy tells Jamie and Fran that he's brought in a graphic artist as well, which turns out to be Jamie's ex-boyfriend Alan Tofsky. Both have different ideas for the as ad campaign and Lisa can see that this is not going to work out. When Jamie mentions that Alan has a new comic book, Ira says that Mega Void is going to be huge. When Jamie, Lisa and Ira go to Ira's friend's comic book store, Ira introduces Jamie to Mikey (the owner). Mikey recognizes Jamie, but he can't figure out how and he mentions that Alan will have an autograph appearance at his store. Soon we discover that Alan has drawn the evil villain in the Mega Void comic, Queen Talon, after Jamie and some of the plot is based on incidents from their relationship. Jamie claims that the comic book depiction does not bother her and she says that Alan always has to have the last word, so she's taking the high road on this, but in reality this bothers her. On pizza night and after confronting Alan at the signing session, Jamie starts to wonder if she's evil as Alan Depicts her. She asks Paul after taking a walk and he tells her what he thinks.
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