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Ashburn VA US [X]

Carriage Ride (2005)

  -   Comedy | Romance

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Fran is excited about her first Valentine's day with Riley Martin, but disappointed to hear he reserved at Antonio's, so she books at Carmella's instead, which ruins all his plans and breaks trust, so badly he cancels altogether because she took over once too often. Allison gets a cool handbag from a mystery admirer, and ma saw fitting wrapping paper in the Lombardis's trash can, so she hopes it's from 16 year-old Tony, whom she digs as a 'cotelet', alas... Josh was about to take Riley's advice to dump Lilly, whose excessive superlatives really get on his nerves, before Valentine's day, as doing that would make them seem to be going steady, but on Fran's advice she gets him tickets for the Nicks. Ever gentle Riley assures Josh his ma only meddles out of love, then draws his own conclusions.
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