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Ashburn VA US [X]

Eminence Front: Part 2 (2004)

Drama | Crime

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The search for the man they think shot Sampson's daughter continues. Mrs. Malloy is brought to the hospital. Donovan upon learning what happened calls Malloy who returns and takes care of the man who assaulted her. Malloy upon learning what happened sends Roy to tell Cohen they had nothing to do with it. She tells Roy whom they are looking for and it turns out that Malloy knows the man so he tells Roy to find him. Roy tells them where the man is and they find him dead. Paige goes to talk to other men who might have a grudge against Sampson and were in the prison with man they are looking for hoping one of them can tell her where he is. So she goes to see a girl who knows one of them. And she discovers the man might be the shooter so she arrests the girl. They later reveal to her a secret he didn't tell her and his motive for wanting to kill Sampson. But she reveals the man is not done and he didn't miss.
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