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Ashburn VA US [X]

Poison (2007)

Crime | Drama | Mystery

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Harlan accepts his friend Attorney Sam Solomon's case: investigating how Green Valley Industries' use of PCE to clean its machinery gets into Lake Duro, causing serious kidney and liver diseases for most local people at Pine Ridge in California, including his medically uninsured client Adriana Escobar and her 9 year-old son Alex. Meanwhile Harklan's firm Judd Risk Management (JRM) is in financial trouble, so instead of a perilous loan from arrogant bank CEO Clay Burgess Harlan offers him a bet: win the case and keep $2,000,000 Burgess's firm advances or hand over JRM, knowing co-worker Nora Gage is Clay's spy. Green Valley's Tom Cavallero denies convincingly, but the team keeps digging in private lives till it all ties together ...
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