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The Rose at the Door (1914)

Short | Drama

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By blackmail, Boggs, a thief of plentiful wit and experience, has terrified the profligate nephew of General Coleman into eating out of his hand, and thereby succeeds in obtaining the position of butler in the Coleman home. The crook, overhearing the general tell Vance that in case the latter were to die without heirs the Coleman fortune would go to Drew Martin, informs Martin that he has stuck around longer than he cared to, and that he and his pals need the "long green," and that Martin has to fix it that they get the Coleman money. As Vance and Martin have been invited to spend the week-end at Madame Forresti's country house, the butler details what line of action Martin is to pursue. On his way to the country manor, Vance meets Olive, the gypsy girl, and she prevails upon him to let her accompany him. In the meanwhile the General dies suddenly of heart failure, and Martin hurries to the Forresti villa to carry out his plans. The presence of Olive stirs the jealousy of Laura, who lets Martin feel how Olive's presence humiliates her. Martin informs her that he has a plan whereby both of them can profit by the humiliation, and, breaking the news of the general's death, promises that, as he is to get the Coleman millions, she is to share them. That night Laura leaves a rose in front of Vance's door as a sign to the thugs, hired by the butler, where Vance is lodged. When the ruffians steal into the house, they see the rose, enter the room, and in the darkness unknowingly bind, gag and drag off the wrong man, Drew Martin. Olive, curious to learn how a telephone works, had overheard Martin and Laura plan with the butler how to capture Vance, and she removed the rose from Vance's to Martin's door. The thugs bundle Martin into an automobile, and as they are about to cast him into a river he succeeds in loosening the gag and screams who he is. The next morning Madame Forresti, Olive and the nervously expectant Laura are breakfasting when Vance enters. Laura faints and Olive calmly asks for another cup of coffee.
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