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Ashburn VA US [X]

Nadie inquietó más - Narciso Ibáñez Menta (2005)

  -   Documentary

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From the first images already it is possible to estimate a meticulous work and firmly archaeological. And a reason: to uncover the different facets of a singular personality, which impressed and modified in a substantial way the form of developing the genre of terror in the Spanish speaking countries. Following the steps of his admired teacher Lon Chaney, it was constituted in a modal undiscussed in the art of the characterization, helped by his mysterious freightage, an absolute mastery in the art of the makeup, and a vocal serious and cavernous record that it was promoting moreover with his speaking slowly and worrying. For years, and across the theatre, the cinema and the television, he produced an almost hypnotic relation with his public, sublimating his own fears; the public, in consequence, paid him with eternal unconditionality. The diversity of quiet testimonies reveal us the profile of a man linked with the mystery, to which he introduces us of to little and removing of the hand; his nomad character wrapped him and took him for infinite ways sealed by strange contrasts that related it moreover with the arcane thing. But probably his real secret takes root in the creation of peculiar beings. Beings across which he was obstinate for persisting and to slip on a collective memory, that it comes out as a macabre joke, proper of the best of his prominent figures.
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