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Ashburn VA US [X]

Lucky Dog (1912)

Short | Comedy

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Mr. E.Z. Mark receives a letter from the Goldrox Mining Company which persuades him to invest his savings on the promise of big profits. To this end he takes his bank book and followed by his faithful dog, Rowdy, goes to the bank and draws out his balance. Here he confides his intentions to his friend, Luke Smith, and during the conversation drops his pocket handkerchief. Walking down the street he misses it and is about to turn back when Rowdy turns the corner and lays the handkerchief at his feet. In front of the offices of the Mining Company he chats with Deacon Hardflint and in drawing out his handkerchief drops his wallet and then enters the building. Rowdy waits for his master to return for it, but seeing a stranger about to pick it up, grabs it and makes off down the street. The proprietors of the Goldrox Company are ready to skip when Mark enters and tells them his intention to invest. When, however, he comes to pay for the stock he is dumbfounded at finding his money gone. Bewailing his hard luck he runs out to search for it. Failing to find it he reports his loss to the police and then makes his way homeward, where he breaks the news to his wife. Rowdy in the meantime has evaded the pursuers and buried the wallet in the back yard. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Marks' home when suddenly his friend enters and informs him that the Goldrox Company was a fake and that the proprietors have skipped. This is poor consolation to Mark who tells of his loss. They are interrupted by the noisy entrance of the children and Rowdy, when Mrs. Mark, seeing the annoyance they have caused, hustles them out of the room. Rowdy is puzzled at such treatment and resolved to find favor, digs up the wallet and proudly lays it at his master's feet, to his great surprise and joy.
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