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Kitty at Boarding School (1912)

Short | Comedy

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In this film story you will find an idyll of school days. Kitty is a popular girl and when some of the boys from the university across the way happen (?) along where the girls are having a little picnic all alone, she is the center of attraction. Naturally the other girls are jealous and they give Kitty the laugh when the chaperon admonishes her for her actions. When they get back to the boarding school Kitty is a little snubbed by the rest of the girls. They go for their fun without her and she is left severely alone. While sitting musing, a half-witted fellow, who delivered for the tailor to the boys' university, made the mistake to come to the girls' school with one of the boy's suits. Kitty kept the clothes and moreover, put them on. The consequences were rather beyond what she foresaw.
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