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Shiroh (2005)

  -   Musical

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"One, having the voice of God, but did not know to sing for the people One, loosing the voice of God, but did try to guide the people. In 1637, in resistance to heavy taxes and the prohibition of Christianity, when Iemitsu Tokugawa was the third shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty. At that time, there were two men named Shiroh who Surviving different town. Shiroh of Amakusa, who protected the treasure left by his late father in a wrecked trading ship. His songs had something miraculous to manipulate peoples mind. Another Tokisada Shiroh Masuda of Shimabara. He was blessed with mystic power since his childhood, but has lost its power of miracle making triggered by an incident. A man with the voice of God, and a man waiting for a voice of God. When these two Shirohs meet, outcries of 37,000 people become the song of God."
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