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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Stronger Sex (1913)

Short | Drama | Romance

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After heavy loss at the gaming table, Edna Marshall exercises her wiles on Mr. Harold Ainsley, an aged and wealthy American gentleman, whom she meets at an afternoon tea. She does not love him, but she must have money. He proposes to her and they are married. After the honeymoon, her husband's nephew comes to visit them at their home, for a few week's vacation. The young wife longs for younger society. She endeavors to arouse the nephew's love for her and add him to her list of conquests. He resists her charms, and in revenge, she tells her husband that she has been insulted by his nephew. Mr. Ainsley, in anger, calls the younger man to account, and accuses him of violating his confidence. The young man declares his innocence and insists that Mrs. Ainsley be called before them. She appears and when she is confronted by the young man, she confesses her duplicity. Her husband repudiates her and his nephew denounces her. She realizes her great mistake when she finds herself cast off by both men. She is overwhelmed with remorse and shame.
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