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Ashburn VA US [X]

An Error in Kidnapping (1913)

Comedy | Short

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Edith Smith and Stella Smith are twins, and as Stella is the more studious, she is sent away to a boarding school, while her sister remains at home with her parents. One day at a social function, she meets Billy Jackson, who falls head over heels in love with her. When Billy asks her father if he may keep company with his daughter, he meets with a cold rebuff. Parental ire does not hinder Billy, and he and Edith keep many a clandestine meeting. When he asks her to elope with him she refuses, and Billy then bits upon the idea of abduction. On the night that he has his friends lying in wait for Edith, Stella comes to pay her parents a visit, and the boys abduct her, thinking that she is Edith. She is placed in an automobile, and her screams attract the attention of a motorcycle policeman, who soon reaches the machine and has Billy and his friends arrested. When Stella reaches home she tells her parents and sister what has happened and Edith gives the scheme away by laughing and confessing to her father that she has a hand in it. The party then go to the police station where matters are explained.
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