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Ashburn VA US [X]

Animated Dolls (1903)

Fantasy | Short

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Scene, children's bedroom. Two little girls preparing for bed. Papa and mamma arrive and after telling the children that the fairies will bring them dollies, if they are good and go to sleep, leave the room evidently to go shopping. The children soon go to sleep and the fairy comes with the dolls. After setting the dolls on the floor, the fairy disappears. The dolls, which are dressed as boy and girl, come to life and begin to make love to each other. They make so much noise, however, that they wake up the children. Upon seeing the action of the little people, the children are very much amused, and sitting up in bed, they watch the performance. Finally, the dolls, upon seeing that they are discovered, resume inanimate form, and the children jump out of bed to get them. After placing them on the floor in the middle of the room, the children kneel and pray for the good fairy to come and put life in their dollies again. A very amusing and pretty picture.
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