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Ashburn VA US [X]

When Lee Surrenders (1912)

  -   Short | Drama | War

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There is a fierce battle raging between the Union and Confederate soldiers outside of Nellie Morton's home, and when the Southern boys show signs of weakening, her Southern heart is stirred by the sight. Captain Blake of the Union forces, is wounded by a bursting shell, but he manages to crawl to the Morton lawn, where he falls exhausted. He is found by Nellie, who at first levels a pistol at his head, commanding him to move on. He painfully rises, and the suppressed look of pain, and the wound in his forehead have such an effect upon Nellie's heart that she brings him into the house, where he is nursed. With the setting sun a cessation of the hostilities between the two armies are brought, and the Confederate soldiers camp near the Morton home. The Confederate officers are seen approaching and Blake is told to hide upstairs. But the officers find the Yankee's coat and Nellie is forced to admit to having Blake in hiding. In the meantime, however, Blake, who has heard the conversation, escapes by an open window. Outside he knocks the sentry senseless and dons his gray uniform. His escape is discovered, and the Confederate officers rush outside and past him, not recognizing him in his Southern uniform. The next day Blake's coat is found by a company of Union officers, and old Morton is accused of having killed a Yankee officer. He is thrown into prison. In the meantime, Blake manages to reach his company, and encounters the Confederates at a bridge, where a fierce conflict takes place, the Union men being victorious in the end. As Blake is returning to the colonel to report the victory, he meets Nellie at the door, who had come to plead for her father's life. She tells him the story and he secures her father's pardon. Blake asks Nellie to marry him and she says, "When Lee surrenders." After the war, at his mother's home, he receives a letter from Nellie, saying, "Lee has surrendered." And we all know what that means.
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