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Ashburn VA US [X]

Thomas & Friends: Best of Gordon (2004)

Certificate Not Rated   -   Family

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He's faster than a speeding Bertie, more powerful than any other locomotive, and able to climb steep hills on a single tender of coal - - - who is he???? He's Gordon, the fastest and most powerful engine on the Island of Sodor. Now you can share in all of his splendor with this exciting collection of stories starring everyone's favorite express engine. In this commorative Collector's Edition, watch as Gordon helps Thomas out of a "sticky" situation. Discover what Gordon's spooky gremlin really turns out to be, and learn that sometimes, even the strongest engine needs a little help from his friends. So hop on the express coaches and take a ride with Gordon as he takes you on some of his favorite and most exciting adventures. Featuring the episodes: Gordon Takes a Dip, Down the Mine, Whistles and Sneezes, Gordon and the Famous Visitor, Wrong Road, The Trouble with Mud, Tender Engines, Gordon and the Gremlin and A Better View for Gordon.
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