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Ashburn VA US [X]

Captain Mary Brown (1913)

Drama | Short

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Plans of the new fortifications around New York have been entrusted to Colonel Brown, who keeps them in a safe. He and his secretary, Captain Kingsley, are the only persons knowing the combination, but by an ingenious trick with a mirror, the assistant secretary, Deland, really a captain in the Belgian Secret Service, manages to learn it and steal the plans. This he does on a Saturday night, thinking to return them before either the colonel or Kingsley reach the office on Monday. On Sunday, however, the colonel receives an urgent call for the plans and he telephones to Kingsley. Kingsley is with his fiancée, Mary Brown, the colonel's daughter, when he is called and she lakes him in her car to the office, waiting outside for him. When Kingsley opens the safe and announces that the plans are not there, the colonel accuses him of stealing them, knowing that the young man has recently been spending a good deal of money. Mary comes into the office, and hearing the accusation, declares that' her lover is innocent and that she will find the real culprit. Meanwhile. Deland brings them back to replace them in the safe. Mary is alone there, her father and Kingsley having gone, and she guesses the reason for Deland's visit. When he leaves the office, she follows into the room occupied by the two spies. They discover and bind her, but not before she has been able to get a message conveyed to her father, who arrives with Captain Kingsley just in time to prevent the spies from making their escape.
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