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Suspicious Henry (1913)

Comedy | Short

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Yellow covered literature of "Old Sleuth, the Detective" character, is the favorite reading of big, fat, overgrown Henry. His devotion to this style of fiction fills him with an uncontrollable desire to be a Sherlock Holmes. He makes himself a tin badge and a pair of false whiskers. He goes out in search of adventure. He comes across Michael Murphy, stupefiedly drunk. His suspicions are aroused that a murder has been committed, when he discovers some red blotches upon the sidewalk. These red splashes have been made from a dripping pot of paint which Mr. Marsh has just purchased and is carrying home to paint his back stoop. Henry follows the paint spots to the home of Mr. Marsh. He retraces his steps and finds that Murphy has disappeared, having in the meantime been removed by the police. He discovers Murphy's coat, which he takes with him to the police station, notifying the sergeant that a murder has been committed and he knows who killed the man. The officer believes his story and be sends several patrolmen to take Marsh into custody. The sergeant finds in the coat pocket. Murphy's address and sends an officer to his home to notify Mrs. Murphy that her husband is murdered. The policemen return with Mr. Marsh and he is locked in a cell, notwithstanding his declaration of innocence and his wife's pleadings. Mrs. Murphy puts in an appearance at the station house in great grief. She is taken to Marsh's cell to identify him as an enemy of her husband. She fails to do so, much to the joy of the imprisoned man and his wife. As she turns to leave, she spies her husband, Michael Murphy, sound asleep in the adjoining cell. She gives a shout of delight to find him still in the land of the living. "Suspicious Henry" is speechless at this turn of affairs and confesses his over-zealousness to be a detective. The sergeant orders him punished by submitting to a good drubbing, administered by Mrs. Murphy with a large night-stick, which she applies with vim, vigor and gusto.
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