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Ashburn VA US [X]

Through Many Trials (1913)

Drama | Short

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Guy Maurice, a rich young artist, goes to the country and takes board at a farm house. He is shown around the farm by Emily Brown, the farmer's daughter, and he takes her for a drive. They fall in love and Maurice asks her to marry him. Abner Brown, the farmer, is very angry when he finds Maurice making love to his daughter and turns him out of the house. They elope and get married. The farmer turns Emily's picture to the wall. The artist and his wife live at their city home. After a time he starts to go out with his old friends while his wife sits home waiting for his return. He neglects his work and they become poor. A child is born and Guy's better nature makes him try to bring back her love. He paints another picture, which is put in the art gallery and is given honor. Mary, the farmer's wife, is still crying for her child. Silas, the son, tells her he will find her, and he leaves home. The old home is cleaned out by the sheriff and the farmer turned out of his home; his wife is dead. The son finds his sister and they are now well-to-do after getting the prize for the picture. The old farmer comes to the city to hunt for his daughter; he meets with an accident; the notice of it is read by the daughter, who, with her husband, goes to the hospital and bring the old man home.
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