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A Daughter of the Sun (1909)

Short | Western

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A story of early Japan, when but few strangers were permitted to visit the Flowery Kingdom. With the exception of the Dutch and Portuguese traders, who were mostly established at the seaports, the only persons permitted intercourse were the faithful missionary fathers, who sought to convert the warlike people. Our story tells of the tragic romance of Mitsuka, a dancing girl of one of the famous tea houses, who loved Kormira, a young soldier, both converts to the Christian religion, but worshiping in secret. Taka, a noble, is spurned by Mitsuka, who becomes a rival of Komura. They clash, and Taka obtains permission to take Mitsuka and her lover by force. Mitsuka and her lover are found together; Komura escapes. She refuses to divulge his whereabouts. About to be put to the torture, the crucifix is discovered. Komura bursts in, strikes down the soldiers, and escapes with Mitsuka. Father Orlotto at mass. Mitsuka and Komura approach and kneel at sacristy railing. The alarm. The pair approach Father Orlotto as he turns from the altar. A few words. He understands. Places them back of him. The rush of soldiers. Priest raises his arms. Komura leaps forward with drawn sword. Repels soldiers, then overcome. Father Orlotto raises crucifix from altar, Mitsuka clinging to him. Refuses to give her up. A soldier strikes him down. Mitsuka slain in struggle. Soldiers retire a few paces as Taka rushes on. Priest pulls himself to altar. Mitsuka raises her dying head, puts up an imploring arm. Father Orlotto, clinging, dying, to altar, blesses her as she finally falls back: raises his arm in blessing on others, Taka turning his head. Priest crashes down dead.
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