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Ashburn VA US [X]

A Woman (1912)

Drama | Short

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Self-opinionated and conceited, Robert Hamilton makes a deep impression on Ida Middleton. When he knows he has produced this effect, he treats her with his usual indifference and flirts with others to test her. She becomes piqued at his treatment and marries Frank Martin for spite. On the day of their marriage when they are wedded, he takes her in his arms to kiss her and she repulses him and tells him that she does not love him. For the moment he is shocked, but accepts the situation and thereafter treats her with cold politeness. They live in this way for some months, during which time Ida grows to love him and to appreciate the difference between him and a man of Hamilton's stripe. One evening, at a reception, she meets Robert Hamilton. When she is alone for a moment in the conservatory, he enters intoxicated and forces his attentions upon her, folding her in his arms and kissing her. She struggles to free herself from his embrace and at this moment her husband enters the room. Completely upset by this incident, she asks her husband to take her borne. He escorts her to the taxi and after she has entered, he closes the door and bids her good night. Frank returns home and, reclining on a couch in the library, meditates. Ida enters and sits beside him, explaining to him that she has learned to value his love and longs to enjoy it and give him hers. He smiles his forgiveness and she, throwing her arms around his neck and he entwining his about her, they give vent to their repressed love for each other in a lingering, soulful kiss of ecstatic bliss.
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