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Ashburn VA US [X]

Susie to Susanne (1912)

Drama | Short

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Susie, the plain and unsophisticated country girl, is no prize for her former suitor when he returns from college a finished and polished graduate. He takes little notice of her and makes himself popular among the girls of style. Susie writes her cousin all about it and she invites Susie to visit her in the city. Susie does so and Grace tells her that they will soon make John feel sorry. Susie changes her name to Susanne, and after securing an outfit of the latest style and a little coaching from Grace and her husband, Susanne is capable of holding her own among the swells of the elite. A reception is given, to which John is invited. When he meets Susanne as a society bud, he is dumbfounded. She is so captivating and sweet that the old love of boyhood days is renewed, and he finds himself making overtures for her attention. She flouts him and coquettes with others. A few months later, she returns home to the country and he follows her. At first she will pay no attention to him, but his appeal is so strenuous she is just a little lenient. Gradually he unbosoms himself and apologizes for his uppishness and lack of appreciation for her real worth. He is so penitent that she finally allows him to take her in his arms and they seal their engagement with a kiss.
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