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Uncle's Visit (1911)

Comedy | Short

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Mr. and Mrs. Sperry, newlyweds, are expecting a visit from Mr. Sperry's uncle, a wealthy cattle raiser, from Kansas. He has never met the wife and she is anxious to make a good impression. She receives a letter from another relative, warning her that, inasmuch as the man from the cyclone country is quite eccentric, he may come disguised to test her qualities. She remembers the admonition and when "Slimmy," a typical nomad, puts in an appearance, he is royally received. The knight of the road is agreeably surprised. He thoroughly enjoys the situation of being guessed out as the expected relative. He is wined and dined like a prince, and tops it off with a fragrant cigar, finishing up by appropriating the contents of the box. In the meantime, Uncle Silas arrives and calls at the office of the husband, where he is given a royal greeting. Business is dropped and the nephew proudly escorts the man from the west down the street, having in prospect a happy surprise for his wife. They enter the hall and the fumes of a cigar greet their nostrils. The uncle is shocked and inquires sternly if the wife is addicted to the use of tobacco. They go into the room and find "Slim" enjoying all the comforts of a privileged guest. There is consternation. The husband fires out the tramp and the perplexed wife tries to explain, but the irate husband will not listen. The uncle is also exasperated and announces his intention of boarding the next train for Kansas. Finally the wife shows the letter and it all dawns on the husband. There is an explanation to the uncle and a happy reconciliation between Mr. and Mrs. Sperry. The story closes with the tramp inhaling the fragrance of a choice cigar, his hunger appeased, about to take passage up the road on the bumpers of a freight car.
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