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The Live Wire (1912)

Drama | Short

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The use of the wonders of science in the settlement of the west impressed the Indians as being nothing short of miraculous, and they underwent some peculiar experiences before they learned the mysteries of the telegraph and telephone. In this film two linemen, repairing a fallen wire, are forced by the Indians to abandon their work and the redmen then run afoul of the charged line. One by one the redskins dance to a lively tune while trying to subdue the power of the copper strand; even the chief, so formidable in war, is an easy victim of the peculiar influence of the bare wire. By this time the electricians have returned to the power station and shut off the current in the section where the break occurred. The Indian chief promises his daughter and his war bonnet to the brave who will overcome the dangerous wire. All refuse to try for the prize except one, a despised cripple, who, now that the current is off, is not in the least affected when he winds the wire about his body.
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