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Too Much Realism (1911)

Comedy | Short

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Lyn, a cowgirl, disapproves of the manner in which western life is portrayed in motion pictures. While the actors are busy rehearsing a scene Lyn decides to play a joke on them. Selecting three or four pairs of chaps and various articles of wardrobe, she rides to a neighbor's house and secures the assistance of a bunch of pretty girls to aid her in her scheme to give the moving picture people a little realism for their pictures. Arriving at the scene, where the players are hard at work the girls break into the picture and stir things up generally. The village constable, a quiet onlooker, thinks this is all in the play and enjoys a hearty laugh. As the cowgirls ride away the manager explains the situation and Mr. Constable goes for help and the mischievous girls are eventually rounded up and placed in jail, but although they find themselves in durance vile, the girls all pronounce it a huge joke.
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