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His First Trip (1911)

Comedy | Short

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William Moore, a merchant, sent his son, Lee, on a trip to sell some of his goods. After many weeks of hardship, Lee is despondent. His father, a hard-headed business man, extends to him no sympathies. However, he sends him the name of Mr. Green, of Hampton, Pa., who is a prospective customer. In the hotel, young Lee confides his plan to a fellow salesman, who, being quick-witted, takes Lee's pants out of his room, when he is asleep, and gives them to the bell-boy, with instructions to have them pressed, and returned to Lee at 10 o'clock next morning. The next morning, Lee is in a dilemma as to what to do, having no pants to wear. It now comes to him that he has been tricked by his fellow salesman, Samuel Lowenthal. Lee now telephones to Mr. Green, inviting him and his family to come to him as his guests. The offer is accepted. Lowenthal arrives at Green's residence, only to find that they have gone away. He goes back immediately to the hotel, where he finds that Lee has secured the order.
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