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A Case of High Treason (1911)

Drama | Short

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We are introduced to Captain North, who is plotting, with two other rogues, the crime of high treason against his own country. The time is just prior to the beginning of the Spanish War. He is also plotting to make sure of his own safety by placing the guilt upon the shoulders of a brother officer, Lieutenant Brewster, and this he effectively does, causing the arrest of the young lieutenant. The lieutenant makes his escape from the fortifications as a condemned criminal. Deprived of the rights of his native land, he drifts into a South American republic, and amid the rise and fall of the country, eventually becomes Secretary and Confidential Advisor of its president. It is in this capacity that he meets Helen, the daughter of the millionaire, Clifford Norman. The sudden arrival of Captain North on the scene dispels all his hopes of good luck, and Brewster feels the humiliation of being accused as an escaped criminal and branded with the crime of high treason before the woman he loves, and she in turn believes it true. North in time bids fair to win the favor of Helen's hand in marriage, when in the heat of temper aroused by a purely imaginary affront, he grossly insults His Excellency, Juan Domigo. The next day, without so much as a by-your-leave, North finds himself arrested and condemned to die. This act Helen attributes to Brewster by way of revenge, but when the latter learns the truth of North's arrest, his nobility of character stands forth, and he forces a release pardon from President Domigo at the point of a revolver, thus affecting the escape of his worst enemy. He rescues the girl he loves from the hands of Domigo's soldiers and finally proves his innocence, and wins the love of the woman of his heart.
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