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Ashburn VA US [X]

Love in the Ghetto (1912)

Drama | Romance | Short

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Everybody's ordered out on a strike when Benjamin Cohen, proprietor of a sweat-shop, reduces the employees' wages ten per cent. Rebecca Barish, a young Jewess, and her father, reluctantly go out with the rest. Unable to find other work, their circumstances become so reduced that Rebecca is obliged to go to the pawnshop with some of their belongings, and while there, Jacob Stattler, the pawnbroker, takes a fancy to her, and offers her father, through a schatehen, five hundred dollars to give her to him in manage. Rebecca is almost heart-broken when she bears the proposition and that her father has accepted it. Sammy Bertram, her sweetheart, calls to see her and when she imparts the news to him, he is almost beside himself. Sammy lives with his uncle, an invalid of considerable means, who loves his nephew because of his kindness and the solicitude he has for him at all times. He tells his uncle of his trouble and he at once becomes interested and tells Sammy to wheel him in his invalid chair to Mr. Barish's house. They arrive there just as Stattler and Rebecca are about to be made man and wife. Sammy's uncle intercedes for his nephew and offers to give him sufficient dowry and to make him his heir at his death. Rebecca refuses to marry the older man, preferring to marry for love, and the gift of his uncle to Sammy makes them wealthy enough to gain the consent of her father.
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