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The Five Senses (1912)

Comedy | Short

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Hearing is expressed by showing the performances of different musicians and the effect caused upon the hearer. In the exercise of the sense of smell, the delightful odor of a sweet-scented bouquet causes a most beaming and expansive smile on the face of the smeller as he inhales its perfume. Quite different is the effect on the sense of smell when he brings his olfactory organ into close proximity with a limburger cheese. Seeing is decidedly portrayed by the sudden opening of the eyes as he sees the symmetrical outlines and beautiful curves of the neck and shoulders of their fair owner. But what a change when she turns around and he sees her face! The sense of touch is depicted with a strong sense of the humorous. When the susceptible subject is approached by an impecunious impostor who "touches" him for a five-spot, the cheerful giver is pleased with himself. He soon changes his pleased expression to one of anger and disgust when he looks from the window and gets a glimpse of the object of his charity coming out of a saloon with a jag. Taste is pleasingly and unmistakably shown. A cute little girl gives a taste of her ice-cream to Mr. Marshall P. Wilder. Another little girl asks for some and is refused. While the two participants in the delicacy are not looking, she empties some mustard into it, and the next spoonful has a different taste, with very different consequences.
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