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War (1911)

Drama | Short

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In the gray dawn of an October day, as the inhabitants of a village street in Tripoli are engaged in the enjoyment of their several pursuits of life, an Arab rushes upon the peaceful scene, announcing that Italy has declared war against Turkey and that the Italian warships are now in the harbor, shelling the city. Arna, an Arab girl, upon hearing the announcement, tremblingly clings to her sweetheart, Midas, who reassuringly tries to calm her. The Italian transports load their troops into the small boats, preparatory to landing upon the shores of Turkey, where an Arab fisherman immediately suspects their purpose and rushes madly inland to spread the warning to his countrymen. The Italian soldiers, with guns, cavalry and infantry, enter the Arab village, mowing down everything before them. Arna's father is dragged through the streets. Arna, tenderly sustaining her mother, learns that her father has been taken by the Italian soldiers, and frantically makes her way in search of him, accompanied by Midas, only to find that her father has been ruthlessly slain. Arna and Midas stand side by side and face to face with the enemy until their helpless resistance is mercifully ended by the murderous bullets of the desecraters. Mad with the frenzy of the spirit of war, the besiegers, not content with the desolation and slaughter with which they have strewn their pathway, apply their torches to the pyre of misery.
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