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Cherry Blossoms (1911)

Drama | Romance | Short

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Billie and Dollie are very much in love with each other, and they declare their love under the cherry trees. In later years Billie receives news of his appointment as a cadet at West Point: he promises to return to Dollie as soon as he graduates and claim her for his wife. While at West Point he meets the daughter of the United States Minister to Japan, and becomes very much infatuated with her. The ministry daughter is a confirmed flirt and considers Billie another string to her bow. He calls on Dollie before going to Japan, but they are to be merely friends, he suggests and shakes hands with her. In Japan he receives an invitation to a garden party, and again meets the minister's daughter. She arranges to meet him in the garden underneath the cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden. She coming towards him with an armful of cherry blossoms, which bring to his mind his first love. She turns away, to meet her other admirer, to whom she is also engaged. Billie sees her, is conscious of her insincerity, demands from her his class ring, which he gave her when she promised to marry him. She appeals to Billie, but he is done with her, and she haughtily turns toward the house. Billie is again at home, in cherry time. He goes to the old cherry tree, where he first met Dollie. She has made a custom of visiting the old trysting place in remembrance of the happy days and of the only one whom she has ever loved. There she meets Billie, who asks her to forgive him and take him back to her heart, which she does.
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