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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Turn of the Balance (1910)

Drama | Short

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Hotel life is always punctuated with new and interesting arrivals, in this instance there is a man in the case as well as a woman. They are both young and have a mutual love. The young girl is stopping at a fashionable hotel with her father when the young man appears as one of the guests. After becoming acquainted the young people pass much of their time together, and, strange to say, they do not become acquainted in the usual way. This is the way: The young lady is playing golf and the young fellow is walking across the links when she drives a ball straight ahead, which lands with considerable force on the eye of young man. She becomes alarmed and runs to his assistance, bathing his eye by dipping her handkerchief into the lake and applying it to his injured optic. They walk home together and she introduces him to her father, and the young man intimates to the gentleman a desire to pay court to his daughter. The father objects on general principles or disposition, but his distemper doesn't seem to interfere with the getting together of the young folks. On one of their strolls around the lake they see the girl's father boyishly paddling a canoe, and at a second glance see the canoe upset and the occupant fall into the water. The young man plunges into the water and saves the girl's father, who, when he recognizes his daughter's beau, expresses his gratitude and his desire to renew their acquaintance, and at the same time gives him permission to call on his daughter. The young man, who is a stockbroker, is suddenly called to the city by the fluctuating market, and finds when he reaches his business that it has gone from bad to worse until ruin seems to be the end. In a hopeless stale of mind he is contemplating suicide, places a revolver at his head, and is only prevented from destroying himself by the ringing of the telephone bell. He receives a message from the young girl whom he met at the hotel asking him to call and see her. He goes, and she tells him she will consent to marry him. He tells her of his failure in business and that he is in no financial position to marry her. She tells him that love will find a way to secure a livelihood, but riches can never purchase true love. The young man is filled with new life and ambition, declares that while he has lost wealth he is made rich indeed by her love.
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