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The Man from the West (1912)

Drama | Romance | Short

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Cousin Steve, from the west, finds his way to the east. He stayed with his relatives and mistook their innocent attentions for designs upon his peace of mind. He did not understand the eastern veneer of civilization. He got into trouble with the butler; he saw a cabman abusing a horse and unwisely interfered. He rescued a girl in distress, and generally did a lot of things the average easterner regards as unnecessary. There was a family conspiracy to get him to marry his cousin, who loved another. Steve, too, had conceived other ideas. The cook of the family was a very comfortable and good-natured girl, with whom Steve in his blunt, homely way had struck up a flirtation, and then a friendship. She made excellent pies and Steve liked pies, and liked the maker so much that he decided to marry her. Steve in his good-heartedness makes a very handsome present to the man in love with his cousin, whom Steve regards somewhat critically as a clothes-horse and not a woman. This story proves that, after all. the heart is the predisposing factor in marriage even amongst men of the primitive type of Cousin Steve, who are supposed to fall for more externals.
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