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Ashburn VA US [X]

A Home Melody (1910)

Drama | Short

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It is not unusual in the home where the taste for music prevails to find strong evidences of love and culture. Seated at the harp, Mrs. Leslie is playing that instrument. Mr. Leslie at the piano and their little girl sings, producing a beautiful home melody which is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by their friend and visitor, Mr. Blank. On the edge of a placid river Stella, the little daughter, is seen making her way to a canoe which is partly drawn up on the shore. She gets in it just as her mother follows and lifts her from the boat, and they wander through the fields to a shady tree, where Mrs. Leslie seats herself with her arms lovingly about Stella's shoulders and gradually falls asleep. The mother awakes, misses her child, rushes to the river, discovers the canoe, which has been upturned, then she sees the child's hat and Teddy bear. Her mind is deranged by the shock; she tries to throw herself into the stream and is prevented by two men who hear her screams of anguish and come to learn the cause. She wanders along the river bank and disappears. The husband learns of her derangement and immediately notifies the police, who institute a search, but find it fruitless. The poor woman goes aimlessly about until she is found by the friend (whom we saw in the first scene) playing the harp of a street musician, instinctively feeling for the melody of home. The friend takes her to her family. She does not recognize them until she comes in contact with her harp, upon which she begins to play the home melody; the friend has the husband play the piano and the child sing. Gradually reason is brought back on the tender strains of the home melody and with it happiness and unity.
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