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Ashburn VA US [X]

A Widow Visits Springtown (1911)

Comedy | Short

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The widow visits her cousin Ned at Springtown, her hair is golden; she calls it auburn, 'tis false. She is bald. The girls plan to show the young beaux of Springtown how they have been fooled by the charming widow. When she retires they take her wig and throw it out of the window, make a fire in a can outside her chamber door, cry fire, call up the Fire Department, of which all the boys it town are members, hoping that when they come to rescue the widow, they will see her baldness. She has an admirer, lame, fat and fifty, he finds her wig beneath her window, restores it and saves her from ignominy of detection. The firemen arrive, conduct her to safety and she rewards each with a golden curl.
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