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Ashburn VA US [X]

Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet (1911)

Drama | Short

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Lydda, a beautiful courtesan, gives herself over to the allurements of the world. Underneath all this apparent abandon, Lydda possesses a remaining spark of her better self, which needs but the fanning of conscience to stir it into a flame of spirituality that will make clear and plain the way to Godliness. Casing off her garments of unrighteousness, she clothes herself in the black robes of contrition and starts in search of the God of light and spiritual purity. At the tomb of the Holy One, she is met by an angel, who tells her that the one whom she is seeking is not there. Lydda does not know that she has already found Him and His spirit has already entered into her life; shedding tears of penitence, she is purified and sanctified.
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