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The Supreme Sacrifice (1913)

Drama | Short

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Edith and Daisy, two sisters, are in love with Dick, a young chap devoted to automobiling. He prefers Edith, and they become secretly engaged, as the girl does not want to tell her father yet. One morning Dick takes Daisy for a ride. There is an accident and the girl is hurt, but Dick escapes. He carries her home. Her father sees the girl brought in and a servant is sent for the doctor. Dick blames himself, but Edith consoles him. The doctor says the girl can never walk again. The father turns to Dick and denounces him. Dick goes away while Edith consoles her father. Later, while Edith is amusing her lame sister. Daisy confesses her love for Dick. Edith is at first horrified, then she realizes that she and Dick must sacrifice their lives for the girl who loves him, because he was the cause of the accident. She tells Dick this and their happy love affair is turned into a tragedy. The lame girl is wheeled out and Dick asks her to marry him. She consents. When Daisy is once more in her room, Dick sees Edith coming from the house. She had waited to bid him a last good-bye. This time she breaks down. He tells her he loves her. The lame girl upstairs hears them, and she throws down a rose with a note pinned to it telling them that she wants only her sister's happiness. It falls at their feet. They rush in to her, but her mind is made up. They are free to marry. She gets her father to consent to the marriage and to forget all his resentment against Dick. The lovers go out happy, while Daisy breaks down in her father's arms.
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