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Ashburn VA US [X]

Mary in Stage Land (1912)

Short | Thriller

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The third picture of the "What Happened to Mary" series, takes our interesting little heroine into the glare of the footlights where she gets her first introduction to the trials and pitfalls that beset the path of many girls who become disciples of Thespis. There is the typical manager who finally secures an "angel" (backer) in the person of John Chase, a rich young man about town. Each serves the other's purpose. Through a kindness done to Daisy, a poverty stricken chorus girl, Mary is engaged as a "show girl" in a musical comedy. During rehearsals Mary hears Daisy in her part so often that she learns it herself and when Daisy is taken ill on the opening night, Mary is given the part and makes a hit. Her fresh young face and unsophisticated ways have not escaped the eye of John Chase, the rich backer of the show, and his pursuit of her is characteristic of this type of human vulture; she is flattered by being kept in the part, even after Daisy's recovery. He is continually by her in the wings, sends her flowers and in a hundred different ways tries the wiles of the man of the world upon the innocent girl. At a banquet which Chase gives to the company Mary is lauded by Chase for having saved the performance. Daisy, influenced by the wine she has drunk, takes this as a personal affront and accuses Mary of stealing her part. Chase, also the worse for wine, condoles with Mary and at last tries to forcibly embrace her, to the amusement of the others. The horror of the situation comes over Mary and she leaves in a burst of indignant wrath. Alone at home she sees two paths open to her, one, the wide, "Primrose Way" of the banquet she has just fled from, the other, the narrow path of honest endeavor. Which does she choose?
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