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Back to Nature; or, The Best Man Wins (1910)

Romance | Short

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A chauffeur falls in love with his employer's daughter, and she ignores him by her haughtiness and indifference. She is bored by his attentions. Later the employer, a man of affairs, is appointed Consul-General to Australia. The chauffeur goes along with the family, and they are now on board a steamer on their way to Australia. A storm arises and the vessel is wrecked. Everybody seems helpless to save themselves but the chauffeur, who, with his brain and brawn, succeeds in getting the Consul-General and his family safely to shore. They are sadly lacking in clothing and essentials, and again the chauffeur's quick wit comes into play. He makes them comfortable, cheers them up in every way and starts in to build a hut and secure provisions, showing the superiority of mental and muscular attainments when it comes to an emergency, and he proves himself master of the situation, winning the respect and admiration of all. The Consul's daughter, gradually realizing that in the chauffeur there dwells the real manly courage and courtesy which are of true heroes, cannot resist a growing appreciation of his worth. After living many days in this primitive fashion, a ship is seen on the horizon. At once the chauffeur raises signals and attracts attention to the island and the wrecked party. The captain of the vessel steers near shore and sends boats which take the wrecked Consul-General and his party to the ship, and they are all put aboard bound for Australia. En route to their destination the chauffeur again proposes to the Consul's daughter, and this time she accepts him. The young people tell the father, who is somewhat surprised and opposed to the match, but he consents, feeling assured that in the chauffeur his daughter will have a protector as well as a husband, who will always show himself equal to the occasion, no matter what may be the circumstances.
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