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A Stranger in His Own Home (1916)

Short | Comedy

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The Browns, Jane and William, were happily married until Jane's relatives arrive to visit the bride. Uncles, aunts and cousins galore begin to make William's life unbearable. No sooner have they left when a telegram arrives, and Jane tells her husband that mother "dear" is coming to spend a month with them. William becomes angry, and wifie scolds him. The night comes when mother "dear" is due. Jane asks hubby to accompany her to the station to meet the dear old lady. An angry quarrel ensues, and William tells wifie that he is going out to drown his sorrows with his friends. Jane decides to go alone to the station, where she ascertains that the train has been in over half an hour. Meanwhile, mother "dear," finding no one to meet her, starts out to find the home of her daughter, and succeeds in locating the Brown residence. Percival Green, who has been enjoying himself, falls down a coal chute. He crawls out and, mounting numerous flights of steps, finds himself in a sumptuous library. Meanwhile, mother has proceeded to make herself at home in her daughter's house. Hearing a noise in the library, she hurries in to greet the dear children. Percival's face is unrecognizable from coal dust, and she asks him where Jane is. Percival thinks that she is perpetrating a practical joke, and laughs heartily, whereupon mother "dear" pounces upon him, takes him upstairs, locks him in the bedroom, and tells him that she didn't think her daughter had married a drunken loafer. Presently Jane arrives and embraces her mother, who asks her daughter why she is without her husband. Jane cries. In trying to console her, her mother says: "Never mind, dear. I have that drunken husband of yours upstairs, and he won't get out either." Then it dawns upon her that it must be William, who has been drowning his sorrows with the boys. In a downtown club, William is trying to forget his sorrows and domestic strife in the genial company of the boys, but somehow he can't enjoy himself. He starts for his house. When he arrives he finds that he has forgotten his key. He rings and rings, but there is no response. Upstairs in William's bedroom, Percival Green has fallen asleep. Downstairs William climbs up over the porch and enters his room through the window. He switches on the light and is surprised to see his wife bending over the form on the bed, as she thinks it is her husband. She is astounded to see her husband standing before her. Percival awakens and rushes for the door. Mother enters unannounced and knocks Percival down. While William stands over his wife in terror, mother tumbles to the situation, and explanations ensue. William understands with satisfaction, but stands with folded arms and looks sternly at his wife, telling her that he will forgive her, if, in future, she will dispense with visits from her innumerable relatives. Jane promises to do his bidding. As Percival starts out of the door, William tells him to take the person who received him with him. Percival grabs mother "dear" and exits. William sighs in content and Jane cuddles into his arms.
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