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Ashburn VA US [X]

Cupid and the Motor Boat (1910)

Short | Comedy

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An old fisherman and his pretty daughter are shown gathering in the nets. When they are gone, a yachtsman arrives in a handsome motor yacht. A tough-looking sailor helps him land. The sailor is allowed to look through a pair of field glasses carried by the yachtsman. Meanwhile the fisherman and his daughter return, and the latter and the yachtsman cast admiring glances. The yachtsman suggests a short trip, and the delighted girl handles the steering wheel. A present of the field glasses is made to the girl by the yachtsman, and when the sailor, who loves the girl, learns this, he reproves her. She orders him away and he leaves, vowing vengeance. The jealous sailor forms his plan, then invites the yachtsman to try his hand in managing his sail boat. While the yachtsman's back is turned, the sailor pushes him into the water. The girl sees this incident through her field glasses, and, rushing to the motor boat, informs the engineer. They go to the yachtsman's rescue and arrive just in time. Now the yachtsman's life belongs to the girl, and he has no trouble in winning his suit.
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