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Without Kin (1970)

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Leth directed one of the six parts of this film anthology initiated by Werner Pedersen, the head of SFC [Statens Film Central, the National Film Board of Denmark, later amalgamated into the DFI]. Bjørn Nørgaard and Lene Adler Petersen's celebrated "action" in which the latter walked through the Copenhagen Bourse building stark naked with a crucifix in one hand is included in the film, and in general it is a highly experimental work, typical of its time, in which each artist worked freely, suing his or her own imaginations and filmic methods. Leth's contribution is a black and white, frontal shot of a hippie girl talking to the camera in English about her attire and other subjects. Leth's voice is heard off screen, emphasising the artifice of the medium.
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